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Welcome to Outdoor Lighting Ireland

Outdoor Lighting Ireland have designed & handcrafted our own unique range of exterior lamppost lighting available anywhere.

We have achieved an excellent reputation for our high quality craftsmanship in our own designed garden light range.

Involvement with engineering and cast iron stretches back for over 30 years. Our own designed driveway lighting will enhance any setting to give that old-world charm and elegant finish to any outdoor garden setting.

Our Lamppost Motif

The inspiration for our lamppost base motif is loosely based on the 'Claddagh Ring'.

Towards the end of the 20th century there was an explosion of interest in the 'Claddagh Ring', both as jewellery piece and a reflection to a long historical past.

The 'Claddagh Ring' symbolism is now a part of many objects from jewellery, Irish literature and traditional knitwear to our very own designed range of cast iron outdoor lighting.

The interlace design and Celtic imagery has led to worldwide explosion in its popularity. The 'Claddagh Ring' represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Quite often the 'Claddagh Ring' is used as a sign of friendship and affection, also used between lovers when worn on the ring finger. These rings are commonly used as engagement and wedding rings.

There is also a distinct symbolism in the design linking back to our past.

Outdoor Lights, Exterior Lights, Outside Lights Outdoor Lights, Exterior Lights, Outside Lights

Our Showroom

At our showroom we have our complete garden light collection on display.
Visitors are more than welcome!

All our driveway lights are interchangeable to suit both domestic and commercial lighting projects. Our own designed and handcrafted cast iron garden light range is fully recyclable, and all lantern heads normally use energy efficient lamps as standard.

Our outdoor lights are used for:
exterior lights, garden lights, wall lights, driveway lights, pillar lights, street lights and mini lights

We sell our outdoor lighting in Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond.

We believe we have achieved a unique and very beautiful exterior lighting product, please feel free to contact us!

Designed and Handcrafted in Ireland.

Lampposts, Pillar Light, Wall Light, Mini Light, Multi Head Light, Copper Light.