Lighting Ideas

Choosing a Cast Iron Light & Placement

Our Cast Iron Light Range is unique to us !

Our range of cast iron lighting is Designed & Handcrafted by us at Outdoor Lighting Ireland Ltd.!

Our Cast Iron Lampposts, Wall Lights, & Pillar Lights are suitable for both the domestic residential setting & are also used for street, park and public areas.

Residential Placement

Our Cast Iron Lampposts, Wall Lights, & Pillar Lights Placement will depend on location, height requirements, spacing required, overall finished look & budget. Residential placement will include many factors, we have found that situation of lampposts on curves or close to curves look very good in a garden / driveway setting, we also find that it’s better to have more rather than less of lampposts to give a complete finished look that will supply suitable light throughout. Although one lamppost placed at a specific location can also be quite stunning and create a centre piece.

Wall light choice will generally be located above doorways, either side of porch, garages, front of building or rear of property. Wall light size & type will be customer dependant.It is important to consider the height & width of your chosen wall light light fixture. Wall light height away from ground level will also be a factor to consider.

Pillar light choice is also customer dependent. It is very important to consider the height & width of your pillar and then choose a suitably sized pillar light. A small pillar light on top of a big pillar will look lost, similarly a big sized pillar light on a small pillar will look wrong.

Mini Lampposts & smaller lampposts will work very well on their own as long as you have enough for the layout. They also are great for shrubberies & small planting areas away from main driveways etc. Mini Lampposts & smaller lampposts look great dotted throughout the garden and compliment tall lampposts very well.


The customer will choose a tall lamppost light that they like and then compliment this choice with our unique range of wall lights, pillar lights, mini lights or other small lampposts.

It is very common for our customers to choose a similar style range of wall lights, pillars lights etc. that match their existing tall lamppost range choice.

It is not absolutely necessary to follow these guidelines, situations may differ from location to location. i.e. distance from tall lampposts to pillar lights, wall lights, smaller lampposts etc. Also a different scene or theme may be required elsewhere on site.

Restrictive areas for mounting lighting & personal choice also will be a factor when deciding on your range of cast iron lighting choice.

Public areas : engineers will normally have their own specific lighting details and requirements.

We hope this helps in your cast iron light choice, if you require additional information, just ask!


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