About Us

Our exterior light range in cast iron is designed and handcrafted by us here in Ireland. We have been involved with engineering & cast iron lighting for over 30 years. Throughout our time we have achieved an excellent reputation with our own designed unique garden lighting product. Our driveway lighting range will enhance any location and provide an elegant finish to your outdoor lighting project.

Our Lamppost Motif

The inspiration for our lamppost base motif is loosely based on the ‘Claddagh Ring’.


Towards the end of the 20th century there was an explosion of interest in the ‘Claddagh Ring’, both as jewellery piece and a reflection to a historical past.


The ‘Claddagh Ring’ symbolism is now a part of many objects from jewellery, Irish literature, traditional knitwear to our very own range of cast iron garden lighting.


The interlace design & Celtic imagery has led to worldwide expansion in its popularity. The ‘Claddagh Ring’ represents love, loyalty, and friendship. Quite often the ‘Claddagh Ring’ is used as a sign of friendship and affection between lovers when worn on the ring finger. These rings are commonly used as engagement and wedding rings.


There is also a distinct symbolism in the design linking back to our past.


Garden Lights, Driveway Lights, Exterior Lights, Copper Lights, Outdoor Lighting

We believe we have designed and handcrafted the very best quality in exterior lighting; a collection available in Ireland, the UK, Europe and abroad.

At our showroom our complete outdoor lighting collection is on display. Visitors are more than welcome!

The Casting Process, Simplified

Extremely hot molten metal is poured into our own designed molds which are placed in sand boxes and the molten metal is left to set.


After hardening the rough casting is then removed from the sand and finished using sandblasting, grinding, machining work & painting and finally, it is wrapped for shipping.

A Brief History of Street Lighting

  • The earliest lamps were used by Greek and Roman civilizations, where light primarily served the purpose of security, both to protect from tripping and keeping robbers at bay.
  • The Romans had a word ‘laternarius’, which was a term for a slave responsible for lighting up the oil lamps
  • Candle lighting was the first to be employed. The earliest lamps required that a ‘’lamplighter’’ tour the town at dusk, lighting each of the lamps.
  • The first modern cast iron light street lamps, which used kerosene, were introduced in Lviv in what was then the Austrian Empire in 1853.
  • The first electric cast iron lamppost light got the nickname ‘Electric candle’, Electric arc lamps were developed by a Russian Pavel Yablochkov in 1875.
  • New cast iron street lighting in Paris, France gave rise to the nickname “City of Lights”.

Street Lighting In Ireland

  • A form of private street light began in Dublin as early as 1616, when the Candlelight Law was passed, “compelling every fifth house to display a light within prescribed hours”. Candle lighting gradually gave way to oil lighting after this time.
  • The first piped-gas cast iron lamppost appeared in Dublin in 1825, and gas was used up to 1957, although it was overtaken by electric light in its later years
  • The first public electric cast iron lamppost in Ireland was at Princes Street outside the offices of the Freeman’s Journal in 1880.
  • With onset of the industrial revolution it allow cast iron to be produced more cheaply, which then gave rise to mass production which allowed cast iron lampposts, wall lights, pillar lights ,street light, and park lighting, to be produced on a massive scale. 

Our Garden Lighting Collection

Our driveway lighting range is designed and handcrafted by Outdoor Lighting Ireland.


Our Cast Iron Lamppost Range is suitable for the following:
Garden lights, driveway lights, wall lights, pillar lights, street Lighting, hotel lights, park lights, exterior lights, copper lights and outdoor lighting.


All our garden lighting is interchangeable to suit both domestic and commercial projects. Our outdoor lighting range is fully recyclable, and all lanterns use energy efficient bulbs as standard.

We believe we have achieved a unique and very beautiful exterior lighting product. Please, feel free to contact us!